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About Us

The "About Us" is Truly all About You!

About You!, is a 100% Japanese owned and operated business. We fully understand that doing business with a company located on the other side of the world can be a bit concerning and we recognize that the success of our business is the by-product of focusing 100% on your needs. To that end we only sell superior products we're confident you will absolutely love, supported by awesome Customer Service that you'll be thrilled with.

We know that nothing is more important and powerful than a great business reputation—especially online.

So in addition to being very grateful for you trusting us with your order and purchasing from us the first time, we also look forward to doing business with you long-term for years to come.

We also hope that your positive experiences with our superior products and great Customer Service will give you the easy confidence to happily recommend us to your friends and family. No advertising in the world is better than the recommendation of a trusted friend.

Authentic Japanese Futon Created by a True Masters of the Craft

Buying Guide

We recognize that when it comes to futon there appears to be many choices on the market. But if you take just a little time to watch our video purchasing guides (if you haven't already) and/or explore our text-based purchasing guides, it will quickly become clear that the options narrow considerably and your choice become obvious—

  • —1, purchasing a far superior authentic Japanese futon, hand-crafted by a true master of the craft using exceptional quality natural materials, or 
  • —2, choosing a mass-produced product using inferior man-made materials whose only advantage is they are cheaper to produce for the manufacturer.

Like so many things in life, when purchasing a futon you certainly get what you pay for. But what may appear on the surface to be a cheaper price is actually not. only sells futon that—if given only the simplest care and maintenance—will outlast any other futon you can buy. Our futon—made only from the highest grade premium natural cotton filling (the best in the world!) and high quality cotton fabric—will retain their luxurious comfort for at least 5 to 7 years.

We Care About Your Health

Healthy Choice!

When it comes to choosing a futon, it isn't all about price and comfort. Choosing the right futon will have an impact on your health as well. Virtually all competitor's "futon" are mass-produced and typically using man-made foams, polyesters and low-grade cotton. Not only do synthetic materials quickly compress, lose their "memory" and become very lumpy, flat and uncomfortable within only a few months, but these materials also trap moisture which creates an excellent "incubator" for unhealthy organisms (potentially toxic mold/mildew) to grow and flourish.

We care about your health and sell only products made from materials that won't damage either your health or the environment.

We Use Our Own Product

We Love Futon!

Obviously finding the right bed for you is a very personal process. We're all different, and the level of firmness or softness we require for optimum sleep varies. However, that being said, the impact of sleeping on a bed that doesn't provide proper support can be devastating to your back. Because of this, there is a growing trend throughout the world of recognizing the long-term health benefits of sleeping on a quality, Japanese-made futon. Just think about it, every futon master in Japan not only has mastered their craft over a lifetime, but there are generations of masters who have handed down their expertise for hundreds—perhaps even thousands of years. This is why Japanese-made futon are the clear choice.

Sure, in Japan there are plenty of Western style beds available on the market, but millions of Japanese of all ages—continue to make the futon their choice for bedding.

The Perfect Guest or Day Bed

Futon: Simple and Easy

If you're looking for temporary bedding for occasions when guests visit and spend the night (or several), futon are an excellent option. Your guests will appreciate the luxurious comfort of our futon, and because traditional futon are light, easy to fold and carry, you'll appreciate how quickly and easily it is to set up for the night and stow away once your guests are gone.

Of course they're also a very convenient solution if you simply want a comfortable "day bed" to spread out for napping, reading or watching TV."

Watch this short video to see how to care for your futon so that it will last for at least 5-7 years: Care and Feeding of Your Futon