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  • Back Pain Relieved by Futon?

    "The best night's sleep I've had in 20 years!"

    That may sound like sales "hype" to you—it would to me too, except that is the type of comments I've received from customers who had been plagued with back pain for years. Is a futon possibly the perfect solution for your back pain? As everyone's situation and condition is different, I can't say for sure (and I'm not a medical professional in any way), but I thought I'd share a few comments I've gotten back on my Customer Satisfaction Survey and let you decide it this may be a viable option for you [Click the above post title to read more]
  • Do I need Tatami Mats? What Should Go Under My Futon?

    People often ask what should go under their futon and if they need tatami mats? Definitely not. Although tatami mats certainly look great and have additional benefits, they're not needed for you to enjoy your futon. [Click the futon image to the left or the red header above to find out more.]
  • Kids Beds! Using Futon for Children's Beds?

    Kid's Beds: Do Futon Work Well for Children

    kids beds futon hanging out to dry and breath Kendra's kids beds hanging out to "breathe" and dry.

    From time to time I get inquiries about whether our futon would work well for kid's beds. Obviously, the big question is: What about night time accidents?

    Although we have two cats that my wife Yumi treats as her kids, I don't think this qualifies us as experts on this topic. Today I am pleased to say that I have some excellent information regarding using futon for kids beds coming from a much more reputable source than me; someone I would consider an "expert" on the topic . . . at least based on her experience of raising (along side of her husband Drew), count 'em, five (5) boys, and her recent experience of ordering futon from us for them to use as beds.

    Kendra (and her husband Drew) came onto our "radar" when in two separate orders (they wanted to test out a couple of shikibuton first before going "all in," I guess) they purchased 5 single sized futon. I remember saying to Yumi at the time, maybe they have a BnB or guest house or something." :)

    Later Kendra and I traded a few emails, and I began to get a clearer picture of what they were doing and my interest was piqued so I asked her for more information. She was extremely helpful and generous with her time. She also sent me a bunch of awesome pics. So below are comments from emails we exchanged which I feel will be very helpful for parents considering futon for their children. Don't miss the great pics of her handsome crew as well.

    Futon as Kids Beds: In Kendra's Words

    Naturally, before she purchased she had some concerns; Kendra contacted me with these questions:

    "I have a couple questions about the futon and kakebuton. We're thinking about buying futons for two of our kids, who are currently 4-5 years old. On their current mattress, we have a waterproof mattress cover for when they wet at night. Would that inhibit airflow too much? Do you know what people typically do for kids who still have occasional night accidents?

    For the kakebuton, what temperature is that for? We live in Florida, so the weather is usually warm and I'm not sure how much we would actually use it - but we're in the military, so we'll likely be moving in 2-4 years.

    Also, is the kakebuton able to be washed in a normal household washing machine, or does it require an industrial capacity washing machine?"

    This is my response to her initial inquiry:

    "Great Questions :)

    Waterproof Bed Covers
    As our sizes don't really align with US bed sizes, I'm not sure if your waterproof mattress cover will fit. However if you think you still can use it, it will be okay to use if you follow our care instructions (see our video series on our website) and remove the futon from the cover weekly and hang it outside to breathe and dry. This is very important, especially in places like Florida where it is so humid. Japan is very humid as well, especially where we live in Kochi. Hanging futon out every week or two for 3-4 hours keeps them lasting for many years and re-fluffs them up.

    Our kakebuton are quite warm. Many people buy them to complete the set and together the shikibuton/kakebuton look amazing. However you would only be able to use it in cooler months for sure. (You may be able to turn your heater off at night even.)

    I highly recommend getting our cotton covers to protect your futon investment. The covers come off easy and you can throw them in the washer while you hang your shiki & kake outside.

    Washing your futon set isn't really necessary or recommend. If a situation arises where you feel you absolutely need to wash it (if it gets urinated on, for example), please use a commercial service with a very gentle agitation cycle. Twisting or wringing the futon may displace the cotton inside.

    Finally, after washing, it is extremely important that your futon is 100% dry through-and-through before using or storing it. I would recommend only hanging your shikibuton to dry, which may take several weeks.

    I hope this is helpful."

    Below is what Kendra shared after purchasing and her kids actually using them.

    "There is a picture [below] of the futon with just the waterproof cover on it (plain white). We discovered the hard way not to have just that on the mattress (without being covered by a regular sheet), because one of the kids was messing with it while falling asleep for a nap and stretched a thin spot in it that was no longer waterproof. Of course he had a pee accident right there, and it went trough to the futon (which is the one hanging out without the zippered cover). We sprayed the spot with a carpet cleaner we’ve used for pet accidents, and even though it left a small “bleached” looking spot on the futon, it does not smell like pee, so that’s a good enough solution for us if that sort of thing happens again. The product we used is called Spot Shot; we sprayed the area, then put a towel on the spot and stepped on it to blot the area dry."

    "Here is the link for the waterproof covers we got (full size works better than twin size for the single-size futon, since it can wrap around the sides a bit): Link to Plastic Sheet Kendra Uses

    ". . . is a picture with a twin size sheet over the waterproof cover; one with one of my kids’ bedding (blanket, pillow, teddy bear); one with the futon folded to make a little seat for the kids to sit on (although some of our kids are a bit too rambunctious for us to use them like this; the quieter kids would be content to sit, but the crazy ones just use it as a trampoline, so really we just keep them folded and off-limits for the day); one with the futon folded in the corner; and one with all five piled up the way we normally are storing them (the order they get put in the corner is pretty random, so it’s not always the same ones getting squashed on the bottom of the stack)."

    "When we were looking into buying these for the kids, we spent a lot of time on the internet trying to find pictures and information that would help us make a decision and had a hard time finding much, so I hope the pictures I’m sending you will be helpful for other families looking at buying from you. And if you have any questions for us about how we’re using them, feel free to ask."

    Below are images Kendra generously took the time and effort to share with us.

    kids beds Left to right are Matthew (3), Joseph (4), Isaiah (5), Elijah (2), and Samuel (4) lounging on their futon.
    kids futon with plastic sheet cover Kids beds: Futon with plastic sheet cover. Plastic sheet "squeezes" the futon and rounds the corners. We don't think the kid's mind.
    Kids beds futon are easily folded and stored away to the side Kids beds: Kid's futon are easily folded and stored away to the side, leaving the room available for play and other activities.
    kids beds Folded kids futon used as a seat Folded kids futon used as a seat
    kid futon ready for use Kids beds: Futon ready for use (Teddy, the perfect futon accessory, in place)
    kids beds: Futons set aside during the day Kids Beds: Futons set aside during the day
  • Finding Traditional Japanese Futon: You Have Exactly What I was Searching for!

    Trouble Finding Traditional Japanese Futon?

    Finding Traditional Japanese Futon in Your Home Country.
    Having trouble finding traditional Japanese futon? One common theme I hear from my customers is that they had lived in or visited Japan and they've found it impossible finding traditional Japanese futon in their home country like the one they had slept on in Japan. That is . . . until they finally found As we're fast approaching our first year in business (the website was actually finished (mostly!) last February (2015), but it takes some time for Google to do it's magical ranking process so that people can actually find our website—Something we're still working feverishly on!), so I'm calling our first order as (roughly) the first day in business (June, 2015), we've now created the place to go to get the REAL thing: Authentic, hand-made Japanese futon made in and shipped from Japan.

    It is a blast to get their emails: "Finally! You sell exactly what I've been looking for all these years!"

    Of course, that's cool. However, when they go on to say (after receiving their futon), "Your futon is even more comfortable than the one I slept on in Japan", we're even more excited. We never get tired of hearing this! We never grow bored with all the positive feedback and reviews. In fact, as I recently wrote Jan in a reply to her email to me, my "crazy futon experiment" has rapidly transformed from "a way to make money" to a honest-to-goodness Movement. Futon Fans Unite! :)

    Anyway . . . Here's Jan's comments about her recent futon purchase (also the pictures on this post were graciously provided by her as well)

    Hi Dean -

    I just wanted to check in with you now that I've slept on my futon for a few nights to let you know that I'm really happy with it and to thank you so much for all of your help! I just filled out the customer satisfaction survey.

    I've attached a couple pics (not the greatest) in case you want to use them in the blog/reviews section of your website. I am so happy with my purchase and so grateful that your company exists. I searched for a place to buy a traditional Japanese futon after returning from a trip to Japan a few years ago and couldn't find anywhere that I felt was selling an authentic product, let alone somewhere/someone who made it so easy and made me feel so comfortable. I knew from the minute I found your website that I was getting exactly what I'd been searching for.

    Thanks again!


    Of course I was very grateful to receive her comments . . . but then she wrote again in a follow up email (below).

    Follow up email:

    Hi Dean -

    I just woke up and had to send you a quick email to say thanks again, I love my futon more with each night! You can't imagine how happy I am to be getting a restful sleep. It is so comfortable and I really love that it is all natural. While I was getting rid of my Western mattress I took a good look and was horrified by all the synthetic materials from which it was made. Anyway, I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that you've made authentic Japanese futons so accessible.

    The Pics:
    Jan already had a box-frame she wanted to use. She contacted me before her purchase to ask about it to make sure it would work. Notice she also purchased some traditional tatami mats (from another vendor) to complete the authentic futon bedding experience. She already had a nice thick down-filled comforter. All in all we think it looks fantastic! (In fact, I love the look of her whole room!)

    finding traditional japanese futon: plain white authentic Japanese double size futon This is a double size plain white authentic Japanese shikibuton with no cover
    finding traditional japanese futon: shikibuton with down-filled comfortor The Shikibuton (mattress) on the bottom is ours. On top is a down-filled comforter that Jan already owned. It looks great!
  • Shikibuton Surprise for Ashley on Christmas Morning

    [Fun Video!] An Authentic Hand-Crafted Shikibuton: A Little Comfy Piece of Japan (A Video of Ashley's Christmas Morning Surprise) While studying abroad in Japan, Ashley had slept on a futon. Once she returned to the US, she discovered that she was having a hard time getting a good night's rest sleeping on a Western style bed. (This is a familiar story to us here at!) Because of this, her mother decided to bring a very comfortable piece of Japan back to Ashley. (A lot less expensive than returning Ashley to Japan!) Judging just by Ashley's reaction in the video (once she realized what was happening ... something that unfolds hilariously in the video), you know this was a wise move on Mom's part. (Follow up emails confirmed this.) [Click the Post Title to Watch the Video and Read the Entire Post]
  • Testimonials: Happy Customers Share Their Experiences

    I was also astounded by the short amount of time it took from ordering my futon to receiving it at my door! Once I opened up my futon I was immediately delighted. [CLICK THE POST TITLE TO SEE THE WHOLE REVIEW!]
  • Finding Futon Fabrics for

    "While buying something online sight unseen can be daunting, the customer service was top notch with prompt, professional emails. I inquired about a certain pattern I had in mind, and they were able to find a close alternative. The futon itself is high quality, and the pattern looks great!" [CLICK THE POST TITLE TO SEE THE WHOLE REVIEW!]
  • The fabric was beautiful, very soft and very comfortable. The craftsmanship was perfect.

    The craftsmanship was perfect. I was so surprised to see them on my doorstep within days of ordering them. I ordered my first one a few of months ago.. then later a second one.. I couldn't help myself and decided to dress the two other beds this past week. LOVE them! [CLICK THE POST TITLE TO SEE THE WHOLE REVIEW!]
  • Futon Shopping Experience: Outstanding! Anne D., Temicula, CA Testimonial

    "My shopping experience with Futon Beds From Japan was outstanding. The webiste [sic] had so much information, I could order with confidence. Dean communicated with me along the process from ordering to delivery and post delivery follow-up. I received my futon in under a week - it is beautiful and so well made. Thanks! Anne D., Temecula, CA" [CLICK THE POST TITLE TO SEE THE WHOLE REVIEW!]
  • Traditional Japanese Futon?

    Before you purchase any futon, please take the time to investigate a little more. Our Japanese futon are made in Kochi, Japan in a factory owned and operated by a true futon master, Master Ikeuchi. He has been making futon for over 50 years. Of course he doesn't make every futon, these days, but his son and son-in-law (who he personally trained for decades) do. And if you understand Japanese craftsmanship, then you know that nothing goes out the door that Master Ikeuchi wouldn't be proud to put his name on—his reputation is everything to him! Even in Japan, there are plenty of machine-made, mass-produced cheaper futon available. Just because it says, "Made in Japan" is no guarantee of quality. However, when we say "Traditional Japanese Futon," we mean exactly that. Over 50 years of experience goes into every shikibuton & kakebuton we sell on

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