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  • "Customer service was Prompt, Reliable and Easy to Understand." (Testimonial)

    I appreciated that this site had answers and information that made sense to a non-Asian audience. Some of the other sites I went to had poor customer service ratings and vague answers to people's questions. I felt more comfortable knowing that I was ordering from a company that had both local and international people working with them to present a clear picture of what I was ordering. I felt confident that it would be high quality work and was willing to order promptly once I chose which futon I wanted. I wanted a bed that was easy to air out in the sun and fit into my car! That's what this is and I was able to carry it from the pick up point with only one arm! You can't do that with a traditional mattress?! Thank, so much! Now I don't have to sleep on air mattresses anymore! Blessings, Adora"

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