In this post we will explore another option for your futon known as the tatami bed.

Although it is more typical here in Japan for futon to be placed on the tatami mat floor, there is another option that is not so uncommon either known as the tatami bed. Tatami beds are platform bed-frames that are designed to have a tatami mat inserted on the top. The advantage, of course, is that they’re higher up and easier to get in and out of. Also, there is an aesthetic aspect to having a bed-frame that some prefer. The obvious disadvantage is that you can’t use the space for multiple uses. Unlike just the futon, the tatami bed can’t be folded up and placed in the closet every morning. For some, such as those living in small studio apartments, this is this is a very key feature. However, for others this isn’t an important consideration at all.

All that said, if you love the idea of having a platform bed you might consider going with a tatami bed. Tatami beds has the advantage of softening the surface the futon is placed on, as well as the added benefit of keeping the futon clean and more dry. (It is still important to hang your futon regularly, but the tatami mat absorbs some of the moisture.)

Recently one of our amazing customers provided us with pictures of the tatami bed he had custom made. We were quite impressed. Fortunately he put us in contact with Greg N. who had made this amazing bed-frame. What is particularly impressive about this tatami bed frame is that it is clearly very strong but also the design is very simple. This makes it fairly easy to take apart and transport. (And of course, once it arrives at your door, it won’t require an engineering degree to figure out how to put it together.)

Please check out the amazing pictures below and you’ll see what we mean. If you would like to have one of these fantastic tatami beds for yourself, please contact us here and we will provide you with Greg’s information so that you can contact him for more information and a quote.

We've also inclosed a picture of a platform bed that Greg has made as well. Both styles of bed frame are amazing.


Tatami bed with Futon set

Tatami bed with Futon set

Tatami Beds without Tatami

Tatami Bed without the tatami. Notice the recessed frame that holds the tatami mat in place.

Tatami Bed Frame Corner view

Tatami Bed Frame Corner. As you can see the design is simple, looks great but is also very strong. Note the tatami mat in place.

platform bed

Greg also crafted this platform bed as well