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Zabuton (sitting cushion) Set, Koi Pattern

Zabuton (sitting cushion)


*IMPORTANT: Japanese futon sizes and Western bed sizes are not the same. Please double-check dimensions before ordering

Order Zabuton with the Matching Pattern of your Futon Set!

Zabuton (Traditional Sitting Cushion)

Zabuton are traditional Japanese sitting cushions. These can be made in the same fabric pattern to match your Futon Set. These are made with the same type of exceptional sewn detailing as you find with our shikibuton and kakebuton. These are not just simple cushions but have very traditional squared corners and the cotton is the same high quality cotton as in our futon.

NOTE: Due to limitations on caused by overseas shipping costs, zabuton can only be ordered along with a shikibtuon or kakebuton order to keep pricing reasonable. (If you do wish to order zabuton only please Contact Us to get details on costs and shipping.)


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