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    Why You Will Love Our Futons | 5 Key Features/Benefits of Traditional Japanese Futons (Video Transcript)


    Hello, I'm Dean Fuller, creator of and in this video, we're going to explore 5 key benefits of traditional Japanese futon that clearly separate them from so-called "futon" that are typically found available on the Western market.

    5 Key Features/Benefits

    First off, . . .

    Authentic, Traditional Japanese Futon are—

    • Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Store: Unlike virtually all other "futons" found on the Western market, traditional Japanese futon contain only natural cotton filling and have no man-made polyurethane foam pads included for cushioning. This makes our futon not only more comfortable over time but also much lighter and easier to fold up and compact for storage.

      You can also store them packed in a vacuum-pack bag which will have no adverse long-term effect on them.

    • Japanese Roll Up Mattress: Our futons roll up and fold away without damaging the Mattress, there are no springs in real Japanese futons and we are proud to offer a suitable solution for your convenience and comfort. 

    • Excellent Guest Bed or Portable Day Bed: Our futons do not have any polyurethane foam pads added for cushioning which makes them much lighter, easier to fold and more compact for storage. Traditional Japanese futon is extremely convenient because they are compact and lightweight and can be easily set out for your guests and easily stowed away after they're gone. 

    • NOTE:
      If you store your futon in a vacuum-packed bag, your guest will experience greater comfort if you give your futon a couple of hours to "breathe" and fluff out before use.

    • Easy Care & Easy Clean: Our futons can be hand-washed and hung out to dry or taken to a dry cleaning service that has an industrial sized washer/dryer. However, for most people—unless something has been spilled on your futon (perhaps a glass of soda?) or urinated on by a child or pet—typically the only cleaning care your futon will need are the simple steps that can be followed in our "Care and Feeding of Your Futon" Video

    • Much Safer & Healthier: When it comes to choosing a futon, it isn't all about price and comfort. Choosing the right futon can have an impact on your health as well. Our futon covers are made from 100% cotton and do not have any polyurethane foam pads added inside for cushioning. The same can't be said for our competitor's products as virtually all so-called "futons" found in the Western market are mass-produced using man-made foams and polyesters. These man-made materials tend to trap moisture and become excellent incubators for unhealthy organisms like mold and mildew.

      In the West, more and more people are discovering futon as the perfect bedding to give their backs the proper firm support it needs.  We were surprised to discover that many body-builders and athletes were choosing futons over Western-style beds as well.

      We at care about the quality of your health and sell only products that won't damage either your health or our precious environment.

    • Extremely Comfortable—LongTerm! Futon not only give your back the support it needs for long-term health, but they also are simply very comfortable. That being said, if you've spent a lifetime sleeping on Western-style beds, there may possibly be a couple of weeks of adjustment to your new futon. However, this really depends on you and your sleeping habits as everyone differs. If after a few weeks you feel you need a little more cushioning, you can simply buy a separate cushioned mat which is readily available on the market throughout the U. S. and Canada.

      As mentioned above, our traditional futons have no urethane foam pads inside. This is important because urethane pads tend to quickly lose their "memory," compress and soon become flat and misshaped. The result is lumpy, uncomfortable mattress. If you follow our simple "care video instructions," our futons will remain incredibly comfortable for 5-7 years or more even with regular nightly use. Of course, if you're only using your futon as a guest bed or occasional day bed you will get many more years than that out of your futon.

    Thank for taking the time to watch this short video, and make sure you also watch our "futon care video" as well as our other brief videos in this buying guide.