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Futon Buying Guide

What to Expect When You Order


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Simple Futon Care Instructions

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Authentic Hand-Made Japanese Futon Bedding

Looking for a Japanese bed? We only sell authentic, hand-crafted Japanese futon and futon covers on our website. Our futon are hand-made in Japan and delivered freight-free directly to your door.

Welcome to! Thank you for your interest in our real futon and we hope you stick around a few minutes to "dig in" and discover why the real Japanese futons we have on our website are different—and better!—than anything else you'll find available in the Western market.

Our Authentic Japanese futon are:

  • Hand-Crafted! True Master Craftsmen pay attention to every detail in the making of our shikibuton (shiki futon) and kakebuton (kake futon) so they will last much longer (You experience a much better value for your investment!)
  • Healthier! Our real futon contain top-quality natural cotton cushioning and no foam pads inside which trap moisture where toxic molds can incubate.
  • Have allergies & Skin Sensitivities? The fabrics used in our futon are have no chemical treatments and are all-natural cotton. We have many skin-sensitive customers who have experienced no problems with our futon.
  • More Comfortable—Longer! Foam pads are heavy, bulky and quickly compresses and lose memory. Our traditional futon contain no foam pad cushioning!
  • More Convenient! Traditional Japanese futon are much lighter and fold up more compactly and stow away much easier.
  • Simply Awesome! Imagine having an Authentic Hand-Crafted Traditional Japanese Futon set sent directly to your door . . . freight-free!


Click Here: to Check Out our Futon Buying Guide!

Questions?Got Questions? Discover Exactly Why Authentic Japanese Futon are Superior to Anything Else On the Market!

We've made every effort to help you quickly and easily discover what you need to know about our Japanese futon (shikibuton and kakebuton) and why they're different than anything else on the marketing, and help you make an informed decision before buying. Under the Questions? tab at the top of the page you will find a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that will likely answer any question you may have.  Here you can also learn why traditional Japanese bedding (shikibuton/kakebuton futon sets) are the only futons you should be considering.


Watching VideosDo You Prefer to Gather Information by Watching Video or Reading? We Have Both!

In the above navigation menu bar you will see a link to our Buying Guide. We put this together to help you quickly and clearly understand the advantages of going with authentic Japanese futon bedding over the so-called "futon" you find manufactured or sold in the West. We've focused on giving you the key information you need to make an informed decision, but also have made every effort to keep the videos very short (less than 3 minutes), concise and enjoyable to watch.  We highly recommend you take the time (a little over 20 minutes) to watch the videos. 


ReadWould You Rather Read?

Alternatively, if you prefer to read, you will see that the text transcripts from the videos are available by clicking the links below each video. At the very least, spend a couple of minutes to watch Our Making of a Futon Video where you can see a futon set go from fabric and cotton to a finished shikibuton/kakebuton futon set in only 173 seconds. (We've gotten a lot of very positive comments about this specific video.)



Speak To UsWould You Prefer to Speak to Someone Directly to Get Your Questions Answered? No Problem!

If in the end you simply want to talk to someone to get questions answered and concerns addressed, or you would like to email us directly, we would love to hear from you! You can contact us here.



We are in JapanYes! We're Actually in Japan.

If we don't answer the telephone immediately it may be off hours or night time here in Japan. We will call you back in just a matter of hours. Getting back with you is a BIG priority to us, so if you don't receive back a call or email in at the most 8 hours (usually much quicker!) there is likely a technical glitch somewhere in the process and we'd recommend contacting us again.