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    Video Script: "The Care & Feeding of Your Futon."

    Hello, Once again this is Dean Fuller, the creator of, and in this video we're going to go over the Care and Feeding of Your Futon.

    Of course when you invest in a premium quality futon, you want it to last—and remain comfortable—for as many years as possible. With nightly use you should expect one of our futons to last you a minimum of at least 5-7 years … and—for most people—likely much longer.

    For this this reason we put together this video which will be quite short as—to be honest—taking good care of your futon is very simple & easy.

    In Japan an extremely common site on sunny days is to see many futon hanging out of windows and over balcony banisters of apartment buildings and mansions alike.

    Perhaps Japan's true "national flag" is a futon hanging out in all it's glory.

    How Often Should I Hang Out My Futon?

    How often you should hang out your futon turns out to be a subject of hot debate for those that care about such things, but general consensus is at least once a month you should hang your futon out in the sunlight for a few hours.

    This allows the cotton to "breathe" and fluff-out and completely dry.

    During summer months—especially because of the higher humidity—Japanese will hang their futon out at least weekly.

    By the way, this hanging process becomes much easier when you have a set of futon clips to keep your futon from sailing off into the neighbor's yard.

    A Good Way to Relieve Some Stress!

    Also, from time to time, when you're hanging your futon, you can relieve some stress by giving your futon a brisk beating with a tennis racket to knock out any dust.

    Of course you can run a vacuum over it as well—but be somewhat gentle.

    If you spill something on your futon such as milk or soda—or it gets urinated on by a baby or pet—your futon can be hand-washed and hung out to dry.

    Or if you prefer, you can take your futon to a dry-cleaner that has an industrial sized washer & dryer system.

    Two Important Points:

    Two important points here:

    1. When washing, take care that the agitation is gentle , … and
    2. Make very sure that your futon is completely dry inside and out before you sleep on it or pack it away.

    Don't Forget to Order Your Futon Cover Set

    Finally, just like Western mattresses, futon are intended to be covered before you sleep on them. Protecting your futon and keeping it clean by using a futon cover is very important. These covers are easy to remove and wash in your washing machine.

    You'll find traditional futon covers available under the "Futon Accessories" tab. Make sure you add a set to your futon order.