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    Hello there, I'm Dean Fuller, the creator of, and I'm very happy to welcome you to our site.

    Congratulations for making it here and if you're looking to get the best value for your money, than you're at the right place.

    So-called "Futon"

    Currently the Western market is packed with so-called "futon" that simply are not futon.

    What do I mean?

    It is sort of like this: Imagine if I considered myself a sushi chef … but—unfortunately—I wasn't really a fan of raw fish. So instead, I substituted the fish with ground beef. And, of course I'm not really a fan of raw ground beef either, so I grill it. And because I don't like soy sauce and wasabi either—I replace those with ketchup and mustard. Then, on top if it all, my chop-stick skills are not that great either, so I sandwich my grilled, ground-beef with a couple of thick pieces of bread to make it easier to eat …

    I think you can see where this is going …

    In the end it wouldn't matter if I labeled my creation with the title, "Western Style Sushi"—in truth, what I really have is a hamburger—not sushi!

    Bottom Line: If your so-called "futon" is packed with layers of convoluted foam or even soft coiled springs—which I've seen—you don't have a futon … you've got a mattress!

    Unfortunately the result of all this tinkering with futon has created what I call "Franken-Futon." And after all is said and done—even with all this tinkering—these Franken-Futon become extremely uncomfortable very quickly.

    By the way, this is no secret either …

    A few years back I was at a comedy club in Sacramento and the comedian made this joke that got a big laugh … and I think that was because we ALL had experienced exactly what he was joking about. He said—

    "Futons … now there's a great idea. An uncomfortable couch that folds down into an even more uncomfortable bed."

    I have lived in Japan for over 6 years and—aside from the occasional night spent in a hotel—I have slept on a futon every night since I moved here. The reality is, the futon that comedian was joking about—the so-called Western style futon—bears absolutely NO resemblance to an authentic Japanese futon.

    First off, these mattresses are typically stuffed with raw cotton. And because cotton in this state is sure to be lumpy and uncomfortable—especially after you've slept in it for a month or so and the cotton begins to migrate, they try to compensate for it by putting at least one layer—but often several more—of polyurethane foam pads. The result is the thick, bulky, heavy mattress that—at first is sort of comfortable, but very quickly—usually only a matter of months—the foam begins to lose it's "memory" and compress and the cotton begins to migrate into very uncomfortable lumps.

    In traditional Japanese futons—the style of futon I've been sleeping very comfortably on every night since I moved to Japan—are only filled with cotton—but with a big difference than this cotton.

    Here is the cotton you'll find in the futons we sell. It is the same stuff as this raw cotton, except it has been through a combing machine.

    This not only makes all the difference in the world to your comfort, but because there is no foam inside, your futon remains soft and light and can be easily folded up and stored away.

    So you can plainly see, that if you truly want to get the beat value for you money and buy a futon that will remain comfortable for years to come, you're going to want to order one of our authentic Japanese futons.

    Futon Purchase Guide Videos

    I've created several other videos—all around 3 minutes or less to help explain the features and benefits of the authentic Japanese futon that we sell. If, in the end, you still have questions or concerns, . . . I highly encourage you to give us a call—we'd love to hear from you.

    Thanks for watching—wait a minute—I almost forgot. Why did I bring you all the way to the top of this hill in Japan? I wanted to show you where your futon is actually made?

    Down there—right on the shore—is a small, family-owned factory ran by a true futon master with over 50 years of experience.

    We only sell 100% authentic Japanese hand-made futons

    Thanks for watching! I'll "see" you in the next video.