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    What to Expect When You Order | Basic Details About Japanese Futons (Video Transcript)


    Hi there, I'm Dean Fuller the creator of and in this video I'm going to show you exactly what you will get when you buy a futon from us.

    First off, all of the futons that we sell on our site are 100% authentic Japanese futons hand-made in a small, family-owned factory in Kochi, Japan. Today Master Ikeuchi has been making futons for over 55 years and continues to run the futon business his father had started.

    Traditional Futons:

    Traditional futons have two parts: First there is the shikibuton—what we in the West would think of as the "mattress," and the kakebuton which is what we Westerners would consider a matching quilt to go on top. I'm sure you'd agree that—as a set—our futons look truly amazing, but that being said, you can also order the shikibuton—the "mattress"—separately without the quilted Kakebuton as well. Of course you can order just a kakebuton by itself too if you want—they are beautifully crafted quilts.

    Futon Sizes:

    Our futons come in 4 standard sizes:

    • Single
    • Double
    • Queen, and
    • King

    Important: As a side note, these sizes are not the same as those in the USA. So make sure you take a close look at the dimensions of the futon you're ordering so there are no surprises when it arrives—we only want to to be pleasantly surprised when our futon shows up at your door.

    Custom Sizes Available:

    Also, because we deal directly with the manufacturer, you can order your futons custom-made to any dimensions you like. (Within reason of course.)

    Futon Fabrics Patterns Designs:

    Currently we have six fabric patterns designs available—although you may find we've added a few more.  In Japan, fabric patterns actually change twice a year so that means that the patterns we have available get updated along with them.

    Traditional Futon Covers

    It is important to note that—just as you don't sleep directly on a Western style mattress, but instead you cover them with sheets—the same is true with futons. So we highly recommend ordering our traditional style cotton covers to protect your futon.

    The shikibuton—the "mattress"—has a simple fitted cotton cover that encloses the whole futon.

    Currently our covers for the kakebuton—the "quilt"—come in two types:

    • The traditional open-window, and
    • a version with the window enclosed with a poly mesh.

    With both versions you can clearly see the futon fabric pattern in the window.

    Essential Futon Accessories: Futon Clips

    Finally, no futon purchase would be complete without getting a set of futon clips for hanging out your futon.

    Be sure to check out our video showing the simple care instructions for your futon and also our video taking you step-by-step through the making of a futon.

    Thanks for watching!