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Traditional style futon covers you will want for your futon

Futon covers are easily installed and are essential for protecting your futon. Just as with Western style beds you would cover the mattress with sheets, the same is true for futons. These covers are made to fit your futon exactly as Western bed sizes don't match Japanese futon.

Are Covers Really Necessary? Because our futon are so beautiful our customers are reluctant to cover them, so we are often asked if a futon cover is necessary. Our answer is definitely "Yes!" Although our futon fabrics are typically much more comfortable against your skin than Western mattress fabric, it is still highly recommended that you use a cover to protect your investment. The Japanese definitely do not sleep directly on their futon but use covers that are easy to clean.

There are two types of covers available for the Kakebuton (quilts), but only one type
of Shikibuton (mattress) cover.

Shikibuton "Mattress" Cover
Shiki Cover Page
KAkEBUTON "Quilt" Covers

Note:The cover for the shikibuton (mattress) covers the entire futon. For the kakebuton (quilt) however, whether you choose the open window (very traditional style) or the mesh-covered window (a modern twist) is a matter of preference. It is our experience that for Queen and King sized kakebuton, the open window covers don't work well so we don't offer this style for these sizes. (For smaller sizes they look great!) With the mesh covers, you can still see the fabric pattern quite well (but is a less traditional look).