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Important Note: To truly understand why our Traditional Japanese Futon are better than anything else available on the market, we highly recommend that you check out our Futon Buying Guide here.

Below are a list of frequently asked questions that we're hoping will answer any questions you may have about our futon (and other products we sell),, or our Customer Service. If you don't find your answer here, we highly encourage you to contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.



Why Authentic Japanese Futon are Superior to all others on the Market

futonbedsfromjapan: futon set

First, we recommend you watch this short video that directly covers this topic.

All of our futon are hand-made by a family-owned business ran by a master of the craft of futon production. Not only has Master Ike been making futon his entire adult life—that is over 55 years of experience in the craft—but he also comes from generations of futon masters who have passed down their "trade secrets."

The futon we sell are made in Japan in the same way they've been made for generations. However, there is a one important difference in how futon are manufactured for the Western market. The reality is—sumo wrestlers aside—on average Westerners are simply larger/heavier than the typical Japanese person. Because of this, futon made for the Western market are made with much more cotton filling. However, aside from this additional padding and larger overall dimensions, these futon are no different than those sold in Japan.


What Exactly Do I Get When I Order a Futon from


First, we recommend you watch this short video that directly covers this topic.

Traditionally, futon come as a set: The shikibuton (/she•key boo•tone/ bottom "mattress") and the kakebuton (/ka•kay boo•tone/ top "quilt") You can purchase our futon as a set (shikibuton and kakebuton / "mattress" & "quilt") or separately if you just wanted the shikibuton ("mattress").

All of our kakebuton ("quilt") are made from a high thread-count premium quality, 100% cotton, traditional pattern-printed material and 100% natural Grade A cotton filling.

All of our shikibuton ("mattress") are made with a high thread-count premium quality, 100% cotton, traditional pattern-printed outer material with a blended ~90% Grade A cotton / ~10% man-made "cotton". Why the 10% man-made material? Long experience has shown that a small percentage of this synthetic fiber, which is extremely springy, blended with the natural cotton helps to separate the natural cotton fibers which allows the cotton to "breathe" easier and shed moisture much more efficiently. This keeps the cotton healthy and prevents matting.

Check out our care instructions here to see why this is important.

Our futon come in four standard sizes. See our size chart below.

Futon Sizes & Configurations

Our futon come in four standard sizes. (However you can order them custom sized for a small additional up-charge.)

Futon Sizes and Weights

Size:"Mattress" (bottom) | "Quilt" (top)DimensionsWeight
Single shikibuton (bottom) ~35" x ~78-3/4" x ~4-1/2" inches | 90cm x 200cm x 12cm (Filling weight 11.25 lbs | 5.1kg)
  kakebuton (top) ~55" x ~78-3/4" inches | 140cm x 200cm (Filling Weight 6.17 lbs | 2.8kg)
Double shikibuton (bottom) ~47-1/4" x ~78-3/4" x ~4-1/2" inches | 120cm x 200cm x 12cm (filling weight 15 lbs | 6.8kg)
  kakebuton (top) ~67" x ~78-3/4" inches | 170cm x 200cm (filling weight 8.37 lbs | 3.8kg)
Queen shikibuton (bottom) ~59" x ~78-3/4" x ~4-1/2" inches | 150cm x 200cm x 12cm (filling weight 18.7 lbs | 8.5kg)
  kakebuton (top) ~78-3/4" x ~78-3/4" inches | 200cm x 200cm (filling weight 8.7 lbs | 4.4kg)
King shikibuton (bottom) ~70-3/4" x ~78-3/4" x ~4-1/2" inches | 180cm x 200cm x 12cm (filling weight 22.25 lbs | 10.1kg)
  kakebuton (top) ~90-1/2" x ~78-3/4" inches | 230cm x 200cm (filling weight 11 lbs | 5.0 kg)

* Note: The size designations of "single," "queen," etc. are not the same dimensions as those in the U.S. Please make sure you take special note of the dimensions to make sure they're a good fit for you and you're not surprised when your futon arrives. It might be helpful to use a tape measure and fold out a flat bed sheet to the dimensions of the futon you intend to buy. This will help you visualize the size much more accurately.


Custom Sized Orders

Information we will need when quoting a custom futon or futon set.

  • Description: Shikibuton (mattress) or Shikibuton/Kakebuton Set (mattress & quilt)
  • Dimensions: Length (L) X Width (W) X 12cm*
  • Style: Fabric Pattern Choice
  • Protection & Convenience: If you want custom covers made as well. (Highly recommended)
Click Here to Contact Us for a Custom Price Quote

* Note: Lead times for custom orders are between 15-21 work-days.

Important Note: All orders are subject to a 5 centimeters (about 2") variance.

Although your custom futon will be made exactly to the dimensions you specify, it has been our experience that the vacuum packing and shipping process causes some shrinkage. How much? It tends to vary. It is our experience that over time after hanging the futon and also through use, the fabric relaxes again and returns to the original manufactured size. That said, please allow for a 5 cm (about 2") tolerance.
*All of our futon mattresses are 12cm (about 4.5 inches) thick.)


Shipping & Delivery - Free Delivery

Once we receive your futon order it is typically made and shipped within 5-7 workdays. (Please keep in mind that our factory is closed on the weekends.) Futon are shipped from Japan via air mail, then once they arrive in your country, they're shipped by various local services that are contracted for this service. Current lead times are 12 -15 work days. or 15-21 work days for custom sized orders. (Note: By "work days" we mean that weekends are not counted.) Futon come vacuum-packed, wrapped in strong, poly-lined kraft shipping paper and poly-strapped. The vacuum-pack bag can later be re-used for long-term storage of your futon. pays freight/delivery costs to your shipping location when you buy from us.

Note: We are not currently shipping to the USA or Canada. We're working very diligently to make the adjustments to our futon that will meet Master Ike's very strict quality and comfort expectations for how his futon should be made, but still meet every regulatory requirement for USA & Canadian markets. Our expectation is to have this completed in about 2-3 months (roughly by the end of April 2018), or less as we've already moved quite a way along that process. To get on our "contact me" list to be notified when we're shipping to these countries contact us here at

UK, Australia & New Zealand Delivery: Due to product licensing conflicts, we can not ship to the UK, Australia or New Zealand at all.


Payment Methods, Sales Tax & Additional Charges

No Sales Tax

We currently accept these forms of payment:

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Discover, Direct Cash Deposits to our banking account, as well as BitCoin Cash (When you choose "Other than Credit Card" option in the shopping cart, we'll contact you with the necessary details.)

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Currently when you buy your futon from you pay no sales tax!

The purchase price includes regular freight fees and you pay no sales tax at all. You pay no freight charges (for delivery to your location).


Futon Use as a Guest Bed or Day Bed

Guest Bed and Day-beds

I just want to use my futon as an extra bed for guests or a daybed; is this a good option?

First, we recommend you watch this short video that directly covers this topic.

Perfect! Traditionally futon are brought out at night and then stowed away in the morning so the room could be used for other purposes. (This still happens in many Japanese households.) So futon are also an excellent solution for occasional bedding when guests show up and spend the night. They're quick and easy to lay out and your guests will enjoy a comfortable night of sleep!

See the Futon Care and Storage section below to see how simple and convenient futons can be as occasional bedding.


Futon Care & Storage

care and storage

Can my futon be conveniently stored away when I don't need it?

Definitely! Traditionally futon are brought out at night and then stowed away in the morning so the room could be used for other purposes. (This still happens in many Japanese households.)

Our futon can be rolled or folded up quickly (the Japanese fold them), and are light enough to be easily packed away in the bottom of a linen closet.

For long-term storage, you can even re-use the vacuum-pack it was sent in. (If you do this, make sure you allow several hours for the cotton filling to "breathe" and fluff-out again. We want your guests to be so enthusiastic about the comfortable night sleep they had that they want to order one of our futon for themselves!)

Futon Care

Watch this short video to see how simple and easy it is to care for your futon: How to Care for Your Futon

Care of your futon is quite simple. If you're sleeping on your futon nightly then do as the Japanese do: Airing and sunning your futon outside is essential for maintaining it's—and your health.

The UV rays and warmth from natural sunlight kill those microscopic bedbugs, mold and mildew that are known to haunt Western style mattresses. So Japanese futon are fantastic because they are light-weight and can easily be hung out over clothes-lines, balcony railings or laundry poles using our futon clips we provide at no additional charge with your order.

By regularly hanging your futon outside for 2-4 hours (about weekly in the summer and once a month in winter—more often if sweating is an issue!), you are allowing the cotton to "breathe" and fully dry which prevents mold, keeps the cotton in your futon healthy and comfortable by preventing matting. From time to time, you can also beat your futon while hanging them to remove dust and flaked skin. Badminton racquets work great for this! (Poor futon . . . all this talk of "hanging" and "beating" them! ;) But don't worry, they can take it... but no need to get carried away with this.)

If you're only using your futon occasionally as a guest bed, care for your futon is the same except you don't need to hang it out as often. It your futon gets stored for long periods between uses, however, then make sure you're hanging it out for a few hours to "breathe" and fully dry before you pack it away-- especially if you plan to store it in a vacuum-pack bag.

Futon are also a great bedding choice for chronic allergy sufferers


Privacy & Security (Terms and Conditons)


Is it safe to purchase using your credit card on the Internet? Absolutely! uses the latest shopping-cart security technology in our checkout process. Our checkout cart is integrated with PayPal which is extremely secure.

Every year billions of dollars of ecommerce is transacted online and your identity and credit cards are completely secure with today's secure-pay technology such as that used by PayPal.

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Returns & Replacements

return policy

We will exchange a futon if it is damaged in transit or defective in the manufacturing process (our futon are hand made and thoroughly inspected before they are shipped, so this would be very unlikely) and has not been used. We cannot refund or exchange used futons due to health and safety concerns.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to clear up before ordering, please Contact Us here as we look forward to the opportunity to address your concerns and give you any guidance you may need prior to ordering.


How can I view the Delivery Status of my order?

order status

At the time you place your order, you will receive an emailed order confirmation with the order details. Once your order has been shipped, you will also receive a separate email with a Tracking Number. To track your order every step of the way along it's journey to your front door, do a Google search for “(Your country’s post office name) EMS tracking.” [For example, in the Canada: "Canada Post EMS tracking"] Then enter your tracking number where they direct you to do so.

If you are unable to access the information you need with this process, please Contact Us here and we will get back with you in 24 hours or less.

(Typically within just a few hours.)

Note: Please be proactive. Although this has been a very rare occurrence (and has actually only happened in Europe), if your shipment seems to be “stuck” in Customs and is taking more than 3-4 days to be processed, please take action to contact them. It has been our experience that if Customs officials have any sort of question/confusion with your order, it seems that rather than contact you or us, they simply return it to sender (us). Important This is something that is beyond our control and to re-ship it again will be an additional charge.


My futon set has arrived, and when I opened the vacuum bag it was in I encountered a strong scent. What is it?

order status

Your futon set is packed in a plastic vacuum bag during transit. Because of this, the futon isn't allowed to "breathe" and the scent of the natural cotton fibers gets very concentrated. When you first open the bag you're sure to notice this distinctive scent. We've discovered that there are basically two kinds of people: 1) Those that love this scent, and 2) Those that don't. If you're in this "camp" don't worry, once the futon is out of the bag simply hang it out for a few hours as per our instrunctions and this scent disappears entirely.