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Shikibuton "mattress" and cover(s) are not included with Kakebuton "quilt" product. You can add these in the "Add On" section on this page.

Kakebuton Matsukasa Pink

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*IMPORTANT: Japanese futon sizes and Western bed sizes are not the same. Please double-check dimensions before ordering

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Enjoy an authentic, hand-crafted 100% Natural Cotton Japanese Kakebuton quilt—with the traditional weight and warmth. Also, protect your kakebuton investment by adding a traditional White, 100% Natural Cotton Kakebuton Cover. Our kakebuton are—
Absolute Top Quality Available: Our master-crafted 100% authentic Japanese kakebuton are hand-made by true futon Masters in a small family-owned business in Kochi, Japan.
• Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Store: Our traditional Japanese kakebuton contain 100% all natural cotton filling only.
• A Much Healthier Choice: Our futon contain no synthetic foams which trap moisture and become incubators for mold/mildew. There are NO chemical treatments such as fire retardants or herbicides.
• 5 to 7* Years of Total Comfort! Futons provide amazing comfort while supporting your back. Our 100% Natural Cotton kakebuton have NO synthetic materials inside our out. No chemical treatments. Thick natural luxurious brushed cotton keeps you cozy and warm.
*With nightly use!

Kakebuton (Quilt)

Important: To truly understand why our Traditional Japanese Futon are better than anything else available on the market, we highly recommend that you check out our Futon Buying Guide here.

Note: This page shows only Kakebuton "quilt" without the Shikibuton ("mattress"). When you order the kakebuton along with the shikibuton you get a discounted price by purchasing it as a set.


Top-Quality Hand-Made Japanese Shikibuton and Shikibuton/Kakebuton sets Manufactured and Shipped Freight-Free Directly from Japan. On this page you can order both Shikibuton (just the bottom futon "mattress") and Shikibuton/Kakebuton Sets. (Kakebuton are the matching "quilts" that go with the bottom "mattress.")

If you are looking for Shikibuton ("mattresses") or complete Shikibuton/Kakebuton futon sets, click here for the Futon page.

Contact Us Here for custom orders or special requests.

Key Features/Benefits of Kakebuton (Quilt):

    • Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Store. Unlike virtually all other "futon" found on the U.S. market, traditional Japanese futon contain only natural cotton filling* and have no man-made polyurethane foam pads for cushioning, which makes ours not only more comfortable over time, but much lighter and easier to compact for storage. You can also put them in a vacuum-pack bag which will have no adverse long-term effect on them.
    • Excellent Guest Bed or Portable "Day Bed": Traditional Japanese futon are extremely convenient because they are compact and light weight and can be easily set out for your guests and easily stowed away after they're gone.
      NOTE: If you store your futon in a vacuum-packed bag, your guest will experience greater comfort if you give your futon at least couple of hours to "breathe" and fluff out before use.
    • Easy Care & Easy Clean: In extreme cases, our futon can be carefully hand-washed and hung out to dry or taken to a dry cleaning service that has an industrial sized washer/dryer. However, for most people, unless something has been spilled on your futon (perhaps a glass of soda?), then typically the only care your futon will need are these simple steps that can be found here.
    • Much Safer & Healthier: Our futon do not have any polyurethane pads added for cushioning which not only makes them much lighter, easier and more compact for storage. When it comes to choosing a futon, it isn't all about price and comfort, choosing the right futon will have an impact on your health as well. Virtually all our competitor's "futon" are mass-produced using man-made foams and polyesters. These materials trap moisture which becomes an excellent incubator for unhealthy organisms (aka mold/mildew) to grow and flourish. We care about your health and sell only products made from products that won't damage either your health or the environment. *
    • Extremely Comfortable! Futon not only provide a amazing comfort, but they also give your back the support it needs for long-term health. If you've spent a lifetime sleeping on a Western style bed, there may possibly be couple of weeks of adjusting to your new futon. However, this really depends on you and your sleeping habits as everyone differs. For this reason, you may decide you prefer just a little more padding in which case you can simply buy a foam pad which are readily available throughout the U. S. and Canada.
    • 5 to 7* Years of Total Comfort! You can expect to get at least 5 to 7 years of use from our futon when used nightly as your primary bed. Of course, if you only use your futon as an occasional day-bed or guest bed, your futon will likely last decades!
    • Free Hanging Clips: Every futon or futon set comes with a complimentary set of hanging clips.
  • Important Note: Because we only use natural, unbleached cotton in both the cotton filling (cushioning) and the outer fabric, you may see some "flaws" in the finished product. Occasionally you may see some short stretches of darker thread in the fabric stitching, or areas that at first look like stains in the fabric, but are actually the marbling of the natural cotton filling showing through the outer fabric. (We show examples of this in the product pictures).
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Pattern ColorMatsukasa Pink
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