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"The craftsmanship and pattern was just beautiful!"

In his recent testimonial, we love Benjamin's word choice for what he felt upon opening the packing once the futon arrived: "delighted"

I spent quite a long time looking at different websites to purchase a futon as well as browsed videos on Youtube. I happened to run across the videos by futonbedsfromjapan and really enjoyed the videos explaining the traditional Japanese futon.

It was also hard to find futons actually made in Japan! I was also astounded by the short amount of time it took from ordering my futon to receiving it at my door! Once I opened up my futon I was immediately delighted. The craftsmanship and pattern was just beautiful! On top of my tatami mat floor, the futon was very comfortable and I had a great first experience with my futon! It is much different from the thick soft bed I used for about 10 years, but my back feels great and I slept like a brick! Overall I am extremely satisfied with my futon and the friendliness of the owner, Dean Fuller. Thank you!

~Benjamin B.
Land O'Lakes, FL

Jennifer Knew Exactly What She Wanted: An "Authentic Japanese Futon"

We're were very happy to hear that once she had a chance to spend time on our site, Jennifer had decided that there was "no obstacle" that would prevent her from ordering from us.

There was no obstacle that would have prevented me from buying because the videos made me want to buy one. I already knew I wanted an authentic Japanese futon but was having trouble finding a site that felt 'right.' Seeing how and where they are made and seeing the owner made it a done deal. Just received the futon yesterday -- would recommend the company for anyone who is interested in such a purchase. Thank you!

~Jennifer Q.
Dallas, TX

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