Shawna was looking online for a Futon Set

Shawna was looking online for a Futon Set. She had found some futon fabric patterns that she had really liked on a "competitor's" website. But—lucky for us (and not so lucky for them)—she found after also encountering bad reviews about that other website. (Ouch! Nowhere is an impeccable reputation more important than online!)

Our Futon Sets are Incomparable! (Ford Fiesta vs. Lexus LS?)

Not to "pile on," but after looking at that "competitor's" website, I must say that in spite of them calling their futon "authentic" . . . frankly there is absolutely nothing authentic about them. It is something like (as I say in my welcome video in our Buying Guide) sort of like calling hamburgers "Western Style Sushi". Or (in the case of this U.S. based "competitor") comparing a Ford Fiesta to a Lexus LS Series. As you can see by Shawna's Testimonial below, she was very happy with her purchase and that she had discovered instead.

"I really liked the options that J LIfe had to offer, but I was deterred by the terrible reviews I found online. That's when I found :) Although I already had a fabric style in mind, I found something that I liked instead on your website. My futon arrived in a very timely manner in excellent condition; I was thrilled as my purchase exceeded my expectations! Dean was very quick to return my call, and was extremely helpful and pleasant! I ordered a double futon set and am very happy with my purchase. :)"
Shawna F.,
Fogelsville, PA

Thankfully, she also sent me some pics of her futon set I'm happy to share on here:

Pink Paisley Futon Set

Pink Paisley Futon Set (Cat not included in purchase!)

Pink Paisley Futon Set 3

Pink Paisley Futon Set 3

Shawna F's Pink Paisley Double Futon Set

Shawna F's Pink Paisley Double Futon Set

PS~We have it on good authority that black cats love our paisley futon sets!

One of our 3 cats, Cabi Chan

Note: There are no cats at the factory! (As much as you may want this . . . or not!) Your futon will NOT have had a cat sleeping on it!

blue paisley shikibuton

Blue paisley shikibuton with black cat (Cat not included in purchase!)

This just in … Apparently Aussie Sheep Dogs Love Pink Paisley too!

Image also sent in by Shawna

Australian Sheepdogs Love Our Kakebuton!

Australian Sheepdogs Love Our Kakebuton too!