The Valued Japanese Compliment

Of course I love futon. I also love sushi. Even when I lived in Sacramento I ate a lot of it. One of the chefs at a sushi restaurant I frequented told me it was always a great compliment to have Japanese people who were visiting the U.S. tell them that their sashimi was fresh and delicious. (Here where I live in Kochi, if you're eating sushi for dinner, there is a very good chance your fish had been swimming in the ocean that same morning!)

So, with this in mind, I'm very pleased to share this testimonial sent to me from Shinichi N. He is a Japanese man who is currently living near San Jose, California due to his work.

Shinichi wrote,

"This futon is the best I ever used ! The only problem I encountered is that the width of futon is a little shorter than expected (about 10 cm). I should have paid more attention on the dimension of futon when I placed the order. But it is still a GREAT futon. Thank you very much."

Although we receive so many glowing testimonials, this one—I must confess—was particularly awesome to receive. That said, I will be adding additional messages on the website to remind people to please double-check the dimensions of the futon their ordering.

Shikibuton futon plain white image

Our plain white single size futon (Shikibuton)