"Real Japanese Futon are Hard to find!" Nikolaus wrote me . . .

They had struggled to find real Japanese futon online, but when they did: Wow! That is all I can say about this awesome couple Nikolaus and Emily. Not only did they order a custom-made dragon print futon, but they also custom-made a very cool "floating" platform bed for it. (Check out the the post at the link in Nikolaus' message to me.

NOTE: You have to look close under the pictures for a navigation link that will show you more pictures. (I missed it at first and 2 others I know did too!)

Nik wrote--

"Hey Dean!

The futon is still amazing! We're loving it. Emily and I just uploaded an album showing the creation of our Japanese-style bed.

Click here now to check it out!

Emily says that it feels just like the futons in Japan. Every morning when she wakes up she tells me about her lack of back pain.

There are a couple futon photos in that album. We're more than willing to take more if you like because we love this futon. Let me know if you're looking for anything in particular!

My biggest obstacle to ordering was that I found it very hard to find a website [that sold real Japanese futon]. I eventually found [FutonBedsFromJapan.com] through a forum post or something like that. These futons are awesome. Thanks!"

Nikolaus W.
New York

Lounging on her new shikibuton

Lounging on her new shikibuton